The first Vision One system at Klinik Sankt Elisabeth in Heidelberg successfully installed and set up!

The ThermoMind team, the ThermoBreast Project Coordinator, had worked diligently for months in anticipation of this major milestone – the successful deployment of their very first Vision One system at the Klinik Sankt Elisabeth Breast Center in Heidelberg, Germany.
The Vision One device was successfully transported from Israel to Germany. Upon its arrival, the ThermoMind technical management team travelled to the KSE Breast Center in Heidelberg to unpack, deploy, install the device, and set up the software, ensuring that the device was fully operational. The ThermoMind team was warmly welcomed by the lead investigator, Prof. Michael Golatta, and Dr. André Pfob from UKHD. TM team efficiently installed the device and the associated software in a room specifically dedicated to the ThermoBreast screenings.
Once the device was properly installed, Elias Dakwar, Clinical Research Associate at TM, and Dr. Larisa Adamyan provided a thorough two-hour training session for two technicians from KSE – Helga Leigh and Zübeyda Cadiroglu. The training covered every aspect of device operation and the usage of the advanced eCFR software. Following the training, Helga Leigh and Zübeyda Cadiroglu were trained to conduct advanced breast screenings with the Vision One system, for an upcoming feasibility study intended to analyse its impact on the healthcare industry.
The ThermoBreast team is now looking forward to the results of the feasibility study, and to witness the potential impacts that the Vision One system can have on the healthcare industry. This is only the beginning – there are 12 other clinics to go!
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Check out the photos below to get a closer glimpse of this amazing achievement!

Source: ThermoMind Ltd.