The first cluster meeting “Prevention including Screening” under the EU Cancer Mission, San Sebastian, Spain

On September 7, ThermoBreast was delighted to participate in the first clusters meeting, “Prevention, including Screening” and “Understanding” under the EU Cancer Mission, hosted by the LUCIA project in San Sebastian, Spain. The ThermoBreast project is part of “Prevention, including Screening” cluster together with six other projects – DIOPTRA, MammoScreen, ONCOSCREEN, LUCIA, PANCAID, SANGUINE.
The meeting started with projects’ introduction followed by a presentation from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) representative, Marianne Da Silva. The day continued with presentations on the main areas of collaboration and synergies within the cluster, including topics such as: “Research and Innovation”, “Data Management Plan”, “Citizen Engagement”, “Addressing Inequalities” and Communication and Dissemination. The lecturers from and EOSC4Cancer gave insightful presentations on their projects. As part of the event, ThermoBreast presented an overview of joint efforts with regard to establishing a Data Management Plan. The second cluster meeting will be hosted by the ONCOSCREEN project next year.
We are thrilled to join forces with the other projects to strive towards our shared vision of advancing research to fight cancer!

European Commission launched Mission on Cancer  of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, as part of the EU missions, an important novelty introduced with the Horizon Europe Research and Innovation programme for the 2021-2027 period. The aim is to develop concrete actions with the ambition of delivering tangible results by 2030, as stated in the Mission’s slogan “By 2030, more than 3 million lives saved, living longer and better”. The Mission is focused on intensifying research and innovation efforts to understand cancer risk factors better and improve screening programmes, diagnosis, therapies, treatments, and prevention policies. It also aims to refine and strengthen cancer research and its infrastructure, optimising cancer therapies, creating a European digital centre for cancer patients, establishing national hubs for cancer missions and creating a network to support the EU Mission Against Cancer.

Source: ThermoMind Ltd.