Breaking Barriers with ThermoBreast: the second Vision One Device deployed at Assuta Medical Centers in Tel Aviv

Breaking Barriers with ThermoBreast! We are thrilled to share an exciting update from our ThermoBreast team – the Vision One device has been successfully installed at Assuta Medical Centers in Tel Aviv, Israel! This marks the second screening site at Assuta Medical Centers for our ThermoBreast clinical study. We would like to extend a big thank you to the Assuta team, especially Michal Guindy and Efrat Slonim, as well as ThermoMind, for their dedication and hard work in making these milestones possible. As patient recruitment progresses, we are looking forward to introducing our ThermoBreast clinical study to other partner clinics.
It is important to note that the first Vision One system, which will be used in the ThermoBreast clinical trial to test its efficacy, was installed at Klinik Sankt Elisabeth in Heidelberg, Germany in August 2023. In December of the same year, we were proud to announce the recruitment of our first patients at this site. Additionally, Assuta Medical Centers in Haifa has also begun patient recruitment for the ThermoBreast study with their newly installed device. We are incredibly grateful for the hard work and dedication put into this challenging but rewarding process.
But we are not stopping here. Our ambitious plan is to continue expanding our study. We currently have multiple participating clinics in the process of installing the Vision One system – stay tuned for updates! To stay up to date on the latest ThermoBreast advancements, follow us on our social media – LinkedIn, Facebook, X, YouTube.
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