Assuta Medical Centers Ltd.

Assuta Medical Centers Ltd.

AMCN is a leading provider of healthcare services in Israel, operating a network of hospitals and clinics throughout the country. The facilities are staffed with experienced medical professionals and equipped with advanced medical technology and equipment, offering a wide range of medical services, including diagnostics, surgery, and emergency care. Assuta Medical Centers Ltd. is committed to providing the highest levels of care and service, and improving the quality of life of their patients and their families. The goal is to ensure that everyone has access to the best possible medical care, regardless of their financial status or any other factors.

Role within ThermoBreast

Assuta Medical Centers Ltd. is one of the partner clinical sites where the ThermoBreast clinical study is conducted in Israel. The Assuta Medical Centers in Tel Aviv and Haifa are currently recruiting patients. To learn more on how to participate in the ThermoBreast clinical study, please contact

Dr. Michal Guindy

Assuta Medical Centers

Clinical Study Lead

Dr. Efrat Slonim

Assuta Medical Centers, Clinical Study Lead