Official start of ThermoBreast on 1 January 2023

ThermoBreast, an innovative and non-contact breast cancer detection and patient monitoring system, is set to revolutionise the way breast cancer is detected. The project is set to launch on 1 January 2023. Led by ThermoMind LTD, this project is a multidisciplinary consortium of 16 partners from 10 countries, it aims to reduce the burden of breast cancer on women, healthcare professionals, and their families. The risk-free screening technology combines advanced ICT and life sciences technologies and can detect vascular anomalies and asymmetry caused by cancerous growth. It will be validated in an international multicentre clinical study, and the medical class 1 device is expected to greatly improve the prevention, diagnosis, and monitoring of breast cancer. The project is set to contribute to the EU’s Mission on Cancer and Beating Cancer Plan, and will help improve early detection of breast cancer, which is crucial to survival, as recovery rates approach 90% when detected in early stages.