EU Mission Cluster

ThermoBreast is part of the EU Mission’s “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” cluster, a group of EU-funded projects focused on preventing and detecting various types of tumours at an early stage.

Cluster Projects

One of the main aims of the European Mission on Cancer is to enhance cancer prevention for EU citizens. This involves improving the effectiveness of existing screening programs, as well as conducting research to develop new screening tools that can be easily integrated into new programs at a national level. The European Commission has provided support and encouragement for this mission, resulting in collaborative efforts amongst seven EU-funded projects, united under “Prevention and early detection (Screening)” cluster.

Cluster areas of collaboration

The Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) Cluster is a collaborative effort where all members of these projects work together to extend the reach and impact of each other’s research. Additionally, the primary goal is to raise awareness among the public about the significance of these EU-funded research initiatives in enhancing the overall quality of life for all European citizens. To ensure coherence amongst the cluster, joint activities will be undertaken, starting with the development of a shared work plan for scientific collaborations and a unified strategy for dissemination and communication. In addition, regular meetings, both in person and virtually, are organised to monitor progress and to reinforce dedication to the cluster’s objectives. The projects within the cluster are expected to produce specific joint deliverables that will be reported to the European Commission.

chart depicting cluster synergies

Cluster Media Corner

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Newsletter 2023

This cluster newsletter provides updates on the progress within each cluster project achieved so far. It also gives insights into the plans of each project in the next year 2024.

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This cluster brochure showcases the seven EU-funded research projects, which form the EU Missionon Cancer‘s Prevention and Early Detection (Screening) cluster.