D1.1 Governance Report

This deliverable is part of Work Package 1, Task 1.1: “Leadership, coordination, and overall project management” led by ThermoMind Ltd. (TM). The main objective of the document is to describe the establishment and roles of internal and external project bodies and the implementation of project monitoring processes.

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D9.1 Project website

The deliverable D9.1 is a part of work package 9, Task 9.2, “Communication”. This deliverable pre-sents the ThermoBreast project website, describing its main objectives and structure, its technical implementation, and the strategy for maintaining the website throughout the project’s duration and following its completion.

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D9.2 Common work plan for scientific collaboration under the "Prevention, including Screening" cluster

This deliverable D9.2 refers to the initial common work plan for scientific collaboration under the ‘Prevention, Including Screening’ cluster. It defines the strategy for the clustered projects over the next period. This deliverable is a joint deliverable agreed upon with the rest project coordinators participating in the cluster. The deliverable initially presents the Mission Cancer programme and the participating projects of the cluster. It showcases the way the cluster projects are currently organised to align their efforts by sharing best practices.

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