Milestone Reached: First Patients Taking Part in the ThermoBreast Clinical Study in Heidelberg, Germany

We are delighted to announce that we have the first patients taking part in our ThermoBreast clinical study at University Hospital Heidelberg (UKHD)! This historic milestone marks an important moment for our project as patient recruitment for the ThermoBreast clinical study has officially started and is actively taking place. We are immensely grateful to the ThermoMind team, our project coordinator, and the UKHD lead investigators – Prof. Michael Golatta and André Pfob, MD – for their commitment to making this happen.
The aim of the ThermoBreast study is to evaluate the use of the TM Vision One device for screening breast cancer. We are confident that the data gathered from this study will help to gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of this technology and its potential role in breast cancer diagnosis, prevention, and monitoring. Our consortium is devoted to revolutionising breast cancer diagnosis, so this study is a significant step towards the European Union’s Mission on Cancer and Beating Cancer Plan. If you are a patient interested in joining the study, please visit our dedicated website page to learn more about the countries and clinical centres of the ThermoBreast clinical study. You can contact us directly using the contact form if you have any questions. 
We are hopeful that ThermoBreast will help save the lives of many, and we are thrilled that our four-year project funded by the European Commission is now achieving meaningful results. Stay tuned – more news to come soon!