ThermoBreast and “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” Cluster Update: Conclusions of the First Year

The fight against cancer is a constant battle, and one that requires collaborative efforts. That is why we are excited to share some significant updates on the ThermoBreast project’s participation in the “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” cluster of the European Union (EU) Mission. As part of the EU Cancer Mission, we collaborate with six other EU-funded projects in the “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” cluster, which share the same goal of promoting early cancer detection and prevention.
Our collective efforts have resulted in an informative newsletter that provides updates on our progress and plans for the year 2024. This newsletter highlights the achievements and milestones of each project in the cluster and how they contribute to the overall mission.
What is the “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” cluster?
The “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” cluster is a group of EU-funded projects focused on preventing and detecting various types of tumours at an early stage.
What is the role of ThermoBreast in the “Prevention and Early Detection (Screening)” cluster?
Apart from actively participating in all areas of collaboration, the Thermobreast project is in the lead of the Data Management collaboration area and is actively contributing to the communication and dissemination joint efforts within the cluster.
You can find more information on the cluster and the newsletter on the dedicated page on the ThermoBreast website. Stay updated on our progress and the latest cluster developments in the fight against cancer.