Consulting GmbH

NASEC.Consulting GmbH GmbH is a Germany based consulting company providing services and consulting in the areas of cyber security and IT security as well as research regarding, development of, operation of and trade in cyber security solutions, in particular threat intelligence software as well as the acquisition of those. Since its foundation 2020, Nasec was engaged in different types of security and IT-projects e.g., comprehensive technical vulnerability assessments for SME and groups as well as implementing cyber and information security awareness culture into day-to-day-business in companies involved in critical infrastructures.

Role within ThermoBreast

Nasec is responsible for the deliveries within work package data management, IT security and compliance consisting of a clinical data management plan by following relevant standards, ensuring data compliance and IT security, and developing and maintaining ICT architecture during the whole study period.

Hakan Yeslimen

WP3 Data Lead