University Medical Center Groningen

University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Health Sciences

UMCG is an internationally renowned research center focused on promoting healthy living. Their department is composed of experts from different disciplines, including medicine, nursing, psychology, sociology, epidemiology, and public health. UMCG is committed to conducting collaborative and interdisciplinary research, to better understand the determinants of health and well-being, and to develop innovative solutions to improve health and health care. Their research focuses on developing and evaluating interventions that improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities as well as ensuring their research is translated into meaningful policy changes and evidence-based practice.

Role within ThermoBreast

In the ThermoBreast project, UMCG is in the lead for the work package Evaluation. UMCG is primarily in charge of the health technology assessment and cost-effectiveness analysis of Thermography screening compared with other breast cancer screening strategies. Moreover, UMCG supports the investigation of reimbursement schemes in different European countries regarding their national and local reimbursement conditions.

Prof. Dr. Maarten Postma

WP8 Evaluation Lead 

Dr. Thea van Asselt

WP8 Evaluation Co-lead 

Dr. Lisa de Jong

WP8 Evaluation Co-lead 

Hao Pham

WP8 Evaluation Co-lead